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EnGine Repair Services

Engine with timing belt shown
At R & C Auto and Tire service center we provide all your engine service and repair needs. Here are some of the services we provide. 

Tune Ups

A properly tuned engine will use less fuel and last longer. If you experience rough starts, uneven performance or have noticed a change in fuel economy your engine may need a tune up. At R&C auto and tire center we can Tune-Up your engine. Depending on your car a tune-up may include Spark Plugs, Ignition wires , Oil and air filters, Replacing the coil and cleaning fuel injectors.


Timing Belts

Many cars are made with a timing belt that has a limited life expectancy. A timing belt should be changed before failure because if the timing belt breaks, most cars will severely damage the engine, Stranding you on the side of the road and leading to an extremel
y expensive repair.

Typically a timing belt should be replaced after about 90,000 miles of service but this can vary in different car manufacturers. If you have concerns about when your timing belt needs changed, call us or stop by and we can look up the manufacturer's specification for timing belt replacement. If we replace your timing belt, we will be using the proper belt for your vehicle for long duration service.


Water Pumps, Cooling Systems, Radiators

In normal operation a car will develop excess heat which must be cooled by the cooling system. The water/antifreeze mix is cycled through the engine and radiator by the water pump. A failure in any part of this system can lead to engine overheating and engine damage. If you notice any leaked fluids in a space where the car has been parked or smell antifreeze you could have an problem with your cooling system. Other potential indications of a problem are not getting heat inside the car ( the same system is used to provide heat) and the overheat indicator light or temperature gauge.

Do not drive a vehicle that is overheating as this could lead to internal engine damage.


Belts/Drive Belts/Fan Belts

Belts are used to convey power from the engine to various systems such as Power steering, Alternator (electrical charging system ) , Water pump AC  ( Air conditioning) pump and on older cars, the cooling fan. If a belt breaks you could experience overheating, loss of electrical power, extreme difficulty steering or a failure of the Air Conditioning system. Fan-belts and engine belts should be inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage. We will replace and properly tension any belts as required for your car




Oil Changes

In normal operation the lubrication oil will become contaminated with dirt and grime and the oil will undergo chemical changes reducing it's effectiveness. The Oil Filter will become clogged and reduce the flow of oil through your engine. Without changing oil, the oil passages inside the engine may become clogged reducing the flow of oil leading to, reduced engine performance, internal engine damage that will reduce the life of your car and potentially lead to engine failure. At R&C Auto and tire center we will change the oil and filter in your car and replace it with the proper oil specified for your vehicle improving engine performance and extending engine life.

oil change at R & C Auto and Tire by trained mechanics


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